I don’t know how you arrived here, but  you’re probably wondering what this site is about.

Well, the picture above probably paints a better picture than anything I might say here, but to put as succinctly as possible it isn’t about the odd man lying on the floor!

This site is about those standing above the teacher in this photo, and millions like them regardless of school system, socio-economic standing, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or perceived ability.

It’s about helping students become active participants in their literacy development.

It’s about what works in the classroom, and from time to time about what doesn’t (hopefully more about the former and less about the latter).

It’s about issues in education which impact those sitting in our classrooms each day.

It’s about sharing, discussing, and trying to do everything in our power as educators to make certain students get what they need to be successful.

And it’s about creating life-long learners who can utilize their literacy skills for the betterment of our world.

I know it sound lofty, but it’s why I’m investing my time here.

So, click about, comment, follow, and engage, and let’s work together to reach our goals.

After all, it is about the students!


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